Sex – An out of body experience

I’ve often heard and read these phrases “treat your body as a temple” or “your body is a temple” or some variation of it growing up. A cliché thus far, I’ve really come to understand in the last 5 or so years, what that means. In a way I have arrived at that conclusion on my own.  From my point of view, my body is home to my spirit, my energy, which is a sliver of the eternal energy, the universal energy, the infinite… God if you will, and hence the reference to temple.

There are many sensations one experiences, some that are experienced by the body (for e.g. heat, cold, pain from cuts, blows and such), some experienced by the mind (for e.g. the excitement from an intellectual debate, a really good movie, or exploring a new concept, travel etc., fear from impending danger etc.) and some that remain relatively unexplained but yet stir you in a deeper way but experienced for sure, like, when you just tear up inexplicably at something that moved you, or when your hairs stand on end, or when your mouth inadvertently waters at the sight or thought of certain foods at certain moments, these are sensations experienced at a deeper level that are not easily explained.

These sensations are experienced by the consciousness that exists in every cell of your being, collectively known as the spirit or the energy within. When it encounters something that speaks to it, it tries to communicate, it reaches out, and the body expresses it as a release. This is what we experience involuntarily as mouth watering, tears, hairs standing on end and yes, even an orgasm. Notice that in that instant, all you are aware of is the feeling, your mind just blanks out at that moment. In that instant, all you know is the nothingness, the stillness of that moment, no past, no future, no worry, no other distraction but just that moment.  Orgasm is one such moment which erases the mind. It is about experiencing your soul. In that moment, the flush you experience is just you, the real you,  devoid of all the artificial conditioning of life. It is the moment when the soul is trying to “come” out of the body.